HEY EVERYONE! I know I don’t come on here any longer but tonight is the night that I finally get to see the boys. I’m so excited, especially since today is Nathan’s birthday. if you guys want to see all the pics and videos I get tonight, follow me on

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all-the-way-on-the-other-side said: I actually don't know if we already follow each other on twitter :O but mine is showmelove_jiva

no I don’t think we do but I’ll go follow you right now :)

well I guess I decided to leave this blog at a good time because now that they’re taking a break, it’s kinda easier for me. I do need to focus on school and stuff now.
I guess send me your twitters or like this post and I’ll follow you on my other blog.

okay so I know I said last month or something that I wasn’t leaving this blog at the beginning of the year, buuuut I think I am. I’m not deleting the blog, it will still be here but I won’t be posting.

I’m not leaving completely because I will still be on my main blog so you can still talk to me there. but I just think it is so much easier to just post from one blog, rather than my main and this side blog. I will be posting everything I post on here there and more.

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We are proud. (x)

“People will hate you, rate you, shake you, & try to break you. Buy how strong you stand is what makes you.”

Nathan Sykes (via amberc-mcguiness-tw)